account and security

What is your company’s scope of activity?

BOLIVE LTD Limited is one of the biggest European companies specializing in make Investments to Multi platforms.

Who can become your client? Do you have any specific requirements for your clients?

Absolutely anyone! The main requirement is that you have to be of age. Your social standing, profession and occupation does not matter. All that you need is to have enough funds.

How do I become a participant to the project?

To participate in the project, you must undergo a simple registration procedure. Having registered, you can enter your personal account. After registration on the website, you become our partner and get access to our Investing Plans and a referral link.

Which documents or personal details do I have to provide when registering on the website?

You don’t have to provide any specific personal details or documents. When registering, you have to state your login, password, valid email and a security pin/answer for better safety.

What are the payment systems that the company works with?

Major payment systems we work with: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, ADVCash. If for any reason we don’t have a wallet of the necessary system, please open a personal account through following links:

  1. perfectmoney.is
  2. coinpayments.net
  3. ethereum.org
  4. litecoin.org
  5. dogecoin.com

Can one person have several accounts?

Registration of multiple accounts is strictly prohibited by our company policy.

Can my family members become investors?

Any person legally capable to make payments can become our partner.

Please note: Several accounts from the same IP-address can be mistaken for multiple registration.

Which personal details can be changed?

Of course, you can change your password in your account. Email address and Secure Pin can be changed only through the Administrator for your money safety considerations. To change your email and Secure Pin, please contact the Support by any of the stated contact details.

What feature set is available on the website to augment personal data safety?

Secure Pin authentication, security, verification of user’s IP-address and browser parameters are a basic feature set to ensure a personal account safety.

I have forgotten my password and cannot access the account.

If you have access to your personal email, please use the procedure for password recovery.

investment and earning

How do I open a deposit?

Investing is available in a user’s account. The procedure is very simple: you need to choose a payment system, an investment plan and an amount you want to invest. You can also make a deposit from your balance using a referral reward.

What are the investment options available for users?

We can offer six investment plans for you to choose from: package “REAL ESTATE PLAN ,E-SPORT PLAN ,CRYPTO MINING PLAN ,FOREX TRADING PLAN ,CRYPTO CURRENCY TRADING PLAN  ,GEMSTONE INVESTMENT PLAN” for 24 Months at 10%-27% Monthly (€1000 – €250 000) .

How often is the profit on deposits accrued?

How often is the profit on deposits accrued?

We accrue profit on a Monthly basis 12 Months a Year, every Plan runs 24 Months.

Note: We are a real company, not like many others who only pretend your business! It is impossible to make a profit if a company pulls profits from the investment every day to pay out the members.

How long is it till the deposit is credited?

New deposits are credited and become active instantly.

Can I make an additional deposit after I have opened it?

Yes, such option is available, however, all transactions are processed separately.

What is the minimum amount that I can invest?

We are a real Company with real earnings, the minimum investment amount is €1000 under this deposit, no investment in BOLIVE LTD is worthwhile.

After what time do I start getting profit?

You will get interest accrual after day 30 right after you credit money to your deposit and activate it.

How fast can I withdraw my income?

Withdrawal of money on account balance is carried out up to 48 HOURS.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts that I can withdraw?

The minimum withdrawal amount is: €50 (Perfect Money, ADVCash) and €20 (Bitcoin,  Litecoin, Dogecoin)

Are there any fees for crediting and withdrawal of funds?

We do not charge any fees, except for internal fees of payment systems.

Does your project have an Partner program?

We offer a classic three-level Partner program 8% – 5% – 2% to all our partners.

For High Class Partners we will Provide an Agency License, with them you get Revenue on BOLIVE LTDs earnings.

What is a referral program and how does it work?

You bring us a new partner, who in their turn have to use your unique link during their registration. You get a reward for each partner you bring.

How can I check the balance on my account?

You can access your account information 24/7, having the Internet access.

I have more questions or I haven’t found an answer to my question. What shall I do?

Please ask your question using a feedback form. Please make sure to read the FAQ section before submitting a request.